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3 years ago we’ve created an simple application that extends Internet Explorer functionality and makes reading Internet pages on Windows phones much easier.

Today we’re announcing that Web Reader application will not be available and will not be workable after December 9, 2016.

We can’t support Web Reader application since Readability Parser API is no longer available: http://readability.com – because our application consumed this web service.

We advise you to use Reading view through Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows phone instead of the Web Reader application: Take your reading with you.

All the best from the 2r Development Team and may you always find what you are looking for in life!


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Who’re our users?

Some statistics about the Web Reader app:

  • 10 months of life;
  • 31 387 downloads;
  • over 650 rates with a maximum score in the Windows Phone Store;
  • top 10 countries by downloads: Russia, United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Vietnam, Poland.

Where the app is used in the world?






North America


Join us: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=60745e69-6196-4ca9-919a-096fc3f9ea79!

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Web Reader 1.5.0

We have released new version of Web Reader – 1.5.0.

What’s New:

  • Change a font size in the reading view of web page using a fingers zoom motion
  • Menu opens more smoothly
  • Customer feedback to make app even better
  • Links to the app page on social networks

Fixed Bugs:

  • Error when navigating to some web pages

Update will be available in Windows Phone store soon. Download app right now: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=60745e69-6196-4ca9-919a-096fc3f9ea79.

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Web Reader news

What are people writing about the Web Reader app around the world right now?

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Обзор приложения Web Reader на портале W7Phone.ru

На W7Phone.ru, крупнейшем русскоязычном портале по тематике Windows Phone, опубликовали обзор приложения Web Reader: Приложение Web Reader – удобное чтение Интернет-страниц.

А ведь этот портал – хороший пример для демонстрации возможностей Web Reader! Посмотрите на снимки экранов ниже:

  • вначале то, как выглядит обзор приложения в Internet Explorer;
  • а затем эта же страница в приложении Web Reader.